Enjoying the things I don't actually do.

04 October 2010


{Attempts at embroidery. Not so bad!}

I had to sew a lot in college. I mean, a lot. Thense, I do not enjoy it now. Kind of like how my big jobs as a kid were folding socks and emptying the dishwasher - now I just ignore that they're there and wait for Mark to do it, or convince the kids it's a very exciting game. Just like Mom did, the clever creature.

I have so much appreciation for hand-stitched soft-goods. I see them at craft fairs and on etsy and am almost sick with adoration. When I had the shop I stocked it with some beautiful hand-embroidered bibs, and I thought I might give embroidery a try. A friend who masters everything she ever thinks about trying and therefore is very very good at embroidery (and made some beautiful bibs that inspired me) gave me a very simple beginner's kit for Christmas a few years back. I kept it on the bookshelf, waiting to get up the gusto to try it out. Welp, I finally cracked it open.

It wasn't so bad!

 I did okay! I made Esmé some bibs.

 If you haven't tried embroidery but are interested, I highly recommend the kit linked above. It's simple to use and a complete kit. So you don't have to worry about buying all the bits and pieces. Also, the designs are super-cute and there is something for everyone. You can make the mister a tie, your  mom a tea towel, or a hand-towel for yourself.

The only thing I cannot seem to do is a french knot. This is not surprising. Usually, with everything I try to attempt to have as a hobby, there is that one thing I just cannot do. But this time I won't give up! I'm going to keep trying! (this is new to me... persistence.)

It should be noted that I started these bibs when I was about 4 months pregnant with Esmé, and she is now 7 months old.... so..... there's the ugly truth about my persistence.


  1. those are awesome! and i love esme's dress in those last pics...so cute!

  2. Did you mean "hence" instead of "thense" or how about thus? What do you think

  3. Hello Anonymous...

    apparently I have an affection for words that are out-of date. Hence, I do mean "thense":



    1. From there. (I came thence.)

    2. (literary) Deriving from this or as a result of this.

    Thus, I did intend to use the word "thense".

    Thank you!