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31 July 2011


{My quest to covet.}

I am leaving on a jet plane tomorrow for my sis-in-law's wedding (yay!) and I still have to complete packing myself. I did such a great job packing the three youngsters. And I approached my bag with gusto, imagining one of thse magazine spreads "make 12 outfits with these 3 pieces" type of thing. Let me just tell you: shopping clearance racks has it's drawbacks. My wardrobe is a mish mash of random colors, off prints, and once-hit-wonders that can be worked in with some basic jeans and T's... but all together makes a butt ugly assortment.

So instead I just wasted a full hour trying to find a pair of shoes I want. Dying to want a pair. Any pair. I found none. I went to my go-to brands. Of which I am not even gonna mention now, because apparently all the shoes that were cool 8 years ago when I was cool... aren't cool anymore. They're all old lady shoes. And not the cool old lady shoes.
I find these old lady shoes to be quite charming.
I am AGAHST.  Seriously, the best I can hope for are some shimmery Toms?!

Okay, let me show you what I think is just not cool, and you can tell me why I'm wrong.

 Okay, the chunky clunky heel. The grosgrain bow. I just don't get it.

Janet Wood made these look good with her coolots and some nylons. But it's not happening for me.

 1995 called and she wants her shoes back. And that sweater with the thumb holes.

If Arsenio Hall were a shoe. This would be it. 

Maybe it's me. I mean, I know I've really had some doozies. So I know current trends may be a lady I know not.

Friends. Foes. Anyone. Please help me. I need to want some shoes. And I need it real bad.

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