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04 March 2012


{weekly check-in}

Well, I went ahead and scrapped one of those daily photo lists. It was all about fitness. You may have noticed that there are no fitness related goings-ons around here. Not by me anyway. But that's for another day.

All of my hobbies are project driven, I've noticed. I like having the idea, making it happen, and seeing completion. Things like throwing a party, making a wreath, baking a pie... They give me that satisfaction of something being finished. Maybe it's my short attention span. So these photo challenges are really right up my alley. It's short-sighted, I can spend a few minutes on it and see a result. I also really enjoy communicating through pictures. More a feeling than a story. I must say, I'm a hard sell on photography. I don't really fall for much. A dear old friend of mine takes pictures I always seem to fall for, however. You should pay him a visit: Chris Bowden

Anyway back to me. Here are some of the Instagram images from the past few days:

They are pretty good, although I have a hard time keeping the images really straight. And if I import an image into Instagram from my photo album it ends up being off center, such as the "Doce." shot. I'll figure it all out. It's a big change holding an iPhone to take a photo, coming from a 35 year old Canon.

Happy Birthday Bluebird.
Goodnight Moon.
Ping Pong.

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