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23 March 2014


{Figured out the hobby. Now what?}

I realized recently, whilst planning my mom's 60th birthday party and a baby shower, that I LOVE to make party decorations.

So, the question plaguing my mind, I feel has been answered, at least partially. I love to make stuff. Any stuff. Fabric stuff, paper stuff, cleaning stuff, household stuff. All stuff. I especially love to make stuff out of other stuff.

I had a few people suggest selling these things. So, I am going to try. I'm not a great business woman. I have a lot to learn about business, but I'm keeping it a hobby now.

Yesterday I had a baby shower and had so much fun decorating - some of these things I will feature in my etsy shop, Bluebird Supply, and some was just for fun.

Some gifts & hand-me-downs for Baby on hand-lettered hangers.

Sweet Potato Tarts

Strawberry Shortcakes

I made so many party banners I had to move some outside!

"Wishes For Baby" writing station.

Baby Shower

Shimmer Fringe & Sparkle "Baby" Banner

I made A LOT of decorating supplies! 

The Shower was a great success, with a very happy Mama!

I will post more about the shop here - I had so much fun and hope to add fun to parties for family, friends & beyond.

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