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16 May 2014


{anything I do, has be done in Lego variety} 

Ahh the lego. 

Lego Happy Birthday Banner

I make the banners with original photography & graphics, so they're one of a kind. Not too gooey with kid-themes, no googley eyes or glitter... just a simple, attractive, pretty banner. 

Emmett wanted a banner for his room, too. I made a Rosie for the shop, and a Bluebird for Esme's birthday, so of course... and third was to follow. 

He put it together himself. 

I was really impressed by his ability to roll with mistakes: on the Emmett portion of the banner he accidentally punched holes on the bottom of one of the E flags. So he just punched holes in the bottom of all flags, as a design. Clever boy. 

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