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15 September 2010


{"Be this sunset one for keeping . This june bug street sings low and lovely"}

Tonight after dinner I had to make a quick trip to the grocery store. We needed half and half for our morning coffee. I bought everything but half and half.

I asked the kids if anyone wanted to join me, and I got one enthusiastic yes from my sweet Emmett.

On our way we took a detour: As I was systematically driving along Emmett said, "Mommy! Look at that beautiful sunset!"

I turned right at the next light to get to the top of Signal Hill. Emmett said "Mommy, can we actually get out?" of course, I said.

We watched the sunset together and we ran and ran through the cooling grass and Emmett yelled out to me, "I'm laughing, but nothing's funny! I'm just so happy!"

There's a little piece of my heart lost in the grass there now, and when Emmett is grown, I'll go there and hope to find it. But I think it will have gone off with that sunset.

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  1. Really sweet. I LOVE and live for moments like this with my children. The ones that stand out - that you'll remember forever - with or without the photo - although I love that photography has gotten so 'easy' to have photos of moments like these.