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22 September 2010


{story in pictures: The Farmers Market.}

One of my goals is to learn about eating in season. And to actually do it. I figured a sure-fire way to learn about what is in season is to go to a Farmer's Market. We are lucky enough to have quite a few great Famer's Markets in Long Beach, but I decided to take the troops up to Redondo Beach for a fun day out.

And what a fun day out it was!  The kids had so much fun tasting fruits and veggies, helping me choose our "harvest".

we were mesmerized by the colors in this fresh broccoli. So different than the shrink-wrapped shrunken head at the mega-mart, no?

 admiring some exotic blooms,
photo courtesy Elliette, age 4 1/2.
and then a trip to the play-ground to round out the excursion.

I gave Emmett the camera for awhile. These were the first results.

Then after some coaching from his big sister, he cranked out some good images. Kind of artsy-fartsy, but that fits in around here.

we don't know this guy.

 Then we had a real treat. Whales! There was water spouting up from the sea and it was from real-life Humpback Whales migrating!!! And then to top it off, I saw a whale come out of the water, I'm not even kidding. I was elated. So excited. I'm still pretty happy about it. The kids, however, didn't get to see, because it's really hard to spot the small spout of water rising out of the sea that is just standing before you, endless, with no referance point. 

The best we got was Emmett's photo of my shadow, pointing to where the whales were. 


At least it's documented.

Well, we also got a good bounty of fresh fruit, honey and vegetables. Which included the very sweetest and most adorable strawberries I have ever experienced, short of my back yard in Ohio at the age of 7. I love being at the open-air market, and I love involving the kids. When we shop at the Super Market they just chatter their teeth through the frigid produce section. This really is a much better way to go.

Also, have you tried the Honey Crisp apple? Have you tried one from a local grower, freshly picked and warm from the sun? Delightful.

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