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01 September 2010


{my life to music vol. I}

For many many years I've had this tendency. I like to start the day out with a song. The same song. For months.

It sets the tone for a good day, you know?

I am going to start sharing the songs with you.

I recommend you listen to these songs at full blast, dancing with a baby in your arms. I promise you, you will cry with unabashed joy - your heart will burst and it will be stitched back together with the laughter of your children. Then, they will be so purely beautiful the stitches will rip out, and then your kids will stitch your heart back together, yet again, with their simple, uncomplicated love.

This is the current song, Home by Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros.

holy roly me oh my. you're the apple of my eye.


p.s. it should be noted that all cool and new music I ever hear comes from my connection to the cool and new world, The Admiral.

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