Enjoying the things I don't actually do.

07 July 2010


I have a lot to say.

Why this is a problem:
1. I have no real issue to address.
a) there's no problem to solve.
b) I'm not helping anyone out with my blather.
2. I have no platform upon which to say all I have to say.
3. I can't commit.
4. I'm busy. Have no time.
5. Who even cares?

But I still have it spilling forth, boring my husband and dear friends who listen to me patiently and kindly before trying to change the subject to something a little less... Angie-centric. (thank you dear friends, you are so kind.)

So... to ease my pain (or theirs), I have started a new blog about why I don't do everything I want to do. I have a lot of interests, but as noted above in item #3, I don't commit. I easily commit to the people I love. A few causes I really do care about. I have been vegetarian for 20 years now, that accounts for something. But when it comes to hobbies, jobs... yeah, I am just so wishy-washy. Plus, #4 is a vivid reminder that I have 3 kids under 5. And then there's reason #5. I like to pretend anyone cares. In my little imaginary world I have people of all ages, in all cubbies of the world, laughing and thinking of me warmly.

But, anyway, I'm going to try and commit to this. And make time. And continue to believe someone gives a rat's patoot.

Enjoying the things I don't actually do.

The idea came about accidentally and collaboratively. I joined a writing group with some people from my church. It's led by a wonderful woman who's a teacher, writer and very savvy gal, Ms. Lo. We were given a simple task - to write something in a week. Anything. Ms. Lo even gave us a lengthy list of very do-able suggestions. Still, I didn't do it.

So I went on my rant about why I didn't do it. And people were laughing, making me feel pretty good about my reasons. Giving suggestions... getting shot down. So on the way home my dear friend Jacquie said "I'd like to read a blog about why you don't write."



  1. Yay- you are spectacular, Angie! I love this blog already. The intentions you expressed regarding the reason you started this blog are really hitting home with me. Perhaps it will inspire me to be more committed to the things I have started and stopped in my life...

    Carry on!

  2. Bravo! You have put into words exactly the reasons I just started a blog myself! I've read some of your posts already and know I'll enjoy reading more. Thanks for sharing, Angie!