Enjoying the things I don't actually do.

31 July 2010


{Get over yourself already.}

I really like to read the blog Simple Mom. I find it very relaxing, sweet and honest. (just like me. except I'm not relaxing, and I wouldn't really say sweet. Nice enough, but not sweet. But honest, I'll give myself that one.)

So you know how I've been trying to figure myself out. Now that I haven't a job. Now that I have three little kids. Now that my pant size is double what it used to be. Now that I can't finish anything I start, if I even start it at all. Well part of why I'm having trouble figuring out my hobby is that I have this lingering thought, picking away at my good intentions, "If I can't do it really well why bother." Well, now, if you said this to me, my wise reply would be "how will you ever get really good at it if you don't practice?" I say this to Elliette all the time about ballet. But that's you and her, and not me.

Today I read this post on Simple Mom and while a cool breeze was literally rustling my fly-away hair during my reading, I also felt a breeze of optimism in my crowded little brain.
this is the best I could capture the breeze.

Hey, yeah, you're right, I think. Okay, I'll go pick up that embroidery! Or should I sew dresses for the girls? No, I think I'll make cookies. Wait, I wanted to make more ruffle bum bloomers. No, I should write in my journal...

I didn't do any of those things.

So I'll just share it with you. Maybe later I'll actually do one of those things I got all flowery about.  I did, however, detail the dryer.

What are you inspired to do?


  1. Oh my - that is SO me. Apparently, I give off the illusion that I am always doing something. So not the case. I wonder how much more I could do if I didn't have I'm sure...hours...during my week where I go back and forth about what I should do. Like I did today.

  2. Hi, Whitney, I know just what you mean. I often stand perfecly still trying to figure out what I was a)already doing b)thinking about doing or c)wanting to do earlier but forgot so maybe now I can get around to it.

    It's partially due to Motherhood, I think.