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02 August 2010


{The best part about having a day-to-day routine is breaking it.}

With all these little kids, our dear little dependents, we tend to create routine out of necessity and to keep our sanity. But, of course, they are growing fast (and they are right - it does go by very fast) so our routine is constantly changing. Bedtime, though, tends to be pretty consistent.
take a bath
put on jammies
clean up toys
wrestle with Daddy
brush, floss, rinse
last trip to the latrine
read a chapter (currently The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe)

Tonight, we did things a little differently.

They made cookies. Right before bed. We're not normally the type of parents to throw in a wrench like baking sweets just before bedtime, nor are we that stodgy that we'll shy away from flying by the seats of our jammie pants. But tonight, watching Mark and our two big kids (3 and 4.75 is big. They are kids now) gave me an intense joy I want to remember forever. So I'm writing it.

Mark just said "Come on, guys, you're making messes of yourselves. Ah, I guess that's part of the fun. Nevermind."

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